Here We Go! Recollections from the Golden Age of Airlift

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Here We Go! Recollections From The Golden Age of Airlift is a retrospective of military propeller aviation and the men who flew the giant C-124 during the 1950s and 60s. These are true stories, powered by reciprocating engines, to worldwide adventures involving weather, support for armed conflicts, and cantankerous aircraft, operated by both young crewmembers and grizzled veterans from World War Two, the Berlin Airlift, and Korea.


About Garnett C. Brown, Jr.

Garnett C. Brown, Jr. was born in Louisville, KY., has degrees in Journalism and Management, and is a graduate of the National War College. A 30-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, he spent five of those years flying the C-124 and gathering the stories for this book. Brown is a Command Pilot who flew 65 combat missions in Vietnam.



“Golden Age” is an overworked term implying the pinnacle of some era, stage, or epoch. For most of us, this represents that time of life during which something ultimately defines who and what we are.

These qualifying phenomena can range from such diversities as sports programs; wealth or poverty; from youthful desire to the crucibles of war. Our time, this contemporary period, is usually marked by the prominence of either a person, an event, or a particular item.


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